Lollapalooza Music Festival

Translation in sounds was made with ink on watercolor paper in 2007. The work was composed of several pieces that together made a whole. Each piece varied from light to dark depending on the use of the ink. The illustrations were created with simple and complex lines. Music was the concept on how I began to draw on the white sheets of watercolor paper. The timing and changes of the music made me also change speeds and hand strokes. I wanted to demonstrate the weight of sound. The depiction of sound was visually represented by the contrast used with the ink onto a untouched light background. If the ink took over the white space of the paper then the sound was also taking over the space I was in. Simple and complex lines took form and shape depending on how I understood the sound. One of the ink drawings was chosen to become a banner at the Lollapalooza music festival at Grant Park, Chicago. Lollapalooza and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago celebrated student art with Who art thou? this exhibit lasted for 3 days and I was able to celebrate among my favorite musicians.