Cave of Swimmers

IMG_6175Sypnosis | Link to script

Cave of Swimmers is a video project that includes live-action and animation. It tells the symbolic, mythical, and abstract story of how the band Cave of Swimmers came to be, tracing their evolution from primordial water and magical light to early cave paintings to the modern concert stage.


Artist Statement

I believe that I, my crew, and my project idea fit perfectly with the goals of this grant. My story will be about how the band CAVE OF SWIMMERS became who they are. I will animate the tale of these musical bards. They got their start in Florida, with the beautiful Miami community. I will animate and do mixed media in conjunction with the music the band. I will shoot near the beautiful beaches of Miami, and will use footage I already have of caves. I will basically have two actors (Arturo and Guillermo, from the band), music by Cave of Swimmers, animation by me, and the help of my loyal cameraman who is a second generation immigrant, Richard Cruz.

Bio – Alejandra Abad

13133235_10101401719305405_2681908118664223566_nI was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I am a passionate illustrator with a penchant for dense, fantastical landscapes and whimsical character designs. I’ve been inclined to work with musicians, writers, and artists. I have a great desire to experiment and be part of artistic communities. I am an immigrant, an animator, a director, an artist, and a woman. I graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with focuses in New Media, Video and Film. I also studied at RISD for a summer with a diverse group of students from all over the world. After I graduated I came back to Florida looking for my culture and my voice. I think I have found it. 



arturogarcia-guillermogonzalesBio – Cave of Swimmers

Arturo Garcia and Guillermo Gonzales became friends as 4th grade classmates. They began to make music together at age 15, in 1999, in their native Caracas, Venezuela. Since relocating to Miami, USA in the early 2000’s, the quest of Guillermo “GE” Perez (Guitar, Voice, Synth) & Arturo “Toro” Garcia (Drums, Percussion) has been to compose and convey their distinctive stylings of music & voice…farout…fast, slow, sludgy, spooky, trippy… unusual

Miami New Times mentioned Cave of swimmers as: Best Unknown Band Miami 2014 – Best of 2014, Miami New Times