Cuatro Deseos

The installation is a collaborative piece by local artists Alejandra Abad, Katiana Elena, Melanie Wu and Ana Parra. Together we created a living forest that serves as a setting for each artist’s video work. Projected onto floating sculptures and the ground of the forest, the series of video feature unique and symbolic visual stories of the realm of the tangible and the realm of wishes. We invite the audience to experience this physical representation of a collective dream state.

My video animation was projected onto an astoroid like sculpture in the forest.

Video: Alejandra Abad
Song credit: @koalacollage
Voices feeding the unknown, and if you are looking for something, somewhere you’ll face it in time
If you’re looking for something you’ll find pieces of sky, Stella
If you’re looking for something, you’ll find pieces of everything
Stella, fold into pieces, Stella, fold into four

Visual images of form and movement emerge through minimalistic elements that become complex as the layers mesh together. The poetic basis for the lyrics concerns understanding patterns, looking for meaning in the geometry of the universe, and not knowing how we came to be.