Cuerpos de Agua 
Bodies of Water

Installation, Animation, Cyanotypes Prints
Duration: 4:33 on loop

“Cuerpos de Agua,” (“Bodies of Water”) is a reference to how life changes and we move from one place to another, we should all be able to relate to each other, since we are all largely made of water. The animation begins with a cyanotype I made from a negative of an old photograph of my grandfather and grandmother at the beach with my mom and my uncles. The changing cyanotypes are made from pieces that I cut. This stop-motion process was inspired by the formal experimentation of John Cage’s performance 4:33. Later the cyanotypes prints were made from negatives, paper laser cuts as well as hand made arrangements.

Espacio Liminal – Liminal Space

March 21 to August 24, 2019

This modern contemporary exhibit is curated by Frank Lucero and features Latinx artists including: Alejandra Abad, Sierra Montoya Barela, Jaime Carrejo, Jacob Gutierrez, Frank T. Martinez, George Perez, Diego Rodriguez-Warner.

Being Latino is not a singular experience.  We must be open to new cultural interpretations and identities.  Este es quien soy.  This is who I am.  This exhibit explores the threshold between a previous way of structuring our Latino identity, time, and community.  Liminal Space is a transitional and transformative space; a waiting area between one point in time and space, and the next