Eclectic collection

Imagination has the power to challenge societal taboos in society. To this end, students were encouraged to research ideas from different art movements as they reflected on the relationship between their art practice and society.

Student research explored some of the following:
-Surrealists who sought to channel the unconscious
-Dada artists who had a profound disillusionment with society and the horrors of war
-Artists from the Harlem Renaissance, with their exploration of identity during the Great Migration
-Fluxus and their openness to collaboration
-The Picture Generation, dealing with continuation of Vietnam War, Watergate crisis, sexual revolutions, assassinations and race riots.

In the spirit of continuing to explore consciousness and access, this eclectic collection is a response to the student’s core values and is inspired by these groups of thinkers and artists who explored the connections between society, politics, and identity.

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Francisco Aguiar, Ryan Balcerzak, Megan Bertrand, Coleman Conley, Channing Han, Diana Harper, Dylan Hildebrandt, Joel Lahman, De’quan Lucas, Annelise Lucero, Samuel Meraz, Mikayla Rondon, Amelia Scholl, Reid Wagenbrenner