Truth To Power

This ink drawing was featured at the Truth to Power exhibition at 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Inspired by unique patterns found in nature, I expose the positive and negative spaces that the eye can overlook in order to create a sense of movement; this movement in turn suggests that the viewer is experiencing the initial moments of an embrace.
I tend to explore women’s beauty by showing rhythmic patterns that reverberate around their shared spaces. Innocence and tenderness are naturally intertwined, contrasting with the social discrimination against such acts of love. The love in their gesture is a call for equality. The illustration invites the viewer to be part of the act of embracing and supporting one another, despite any perceived differences. The strong, sophisticated geometric composition contrasts with and compliments the sweet depiction of the women’s bond. 
Embrace represents unity, equality, solidarity and feminism in a moment removed from the social stigmas of the exterior world.

Description from the Truth to Power website:

#TruthToPower is a large-scale art exhibition and event series presented by Rock the Vote, #Cut50, and The Rail Park that will pop-up in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention. The exhibition will include rooms of over 200 pieces of eye-popping and evocative art from some of the world’s most prolific artists (Shepard Fairey, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, Ron English, and Banksy to name a few) as well as some of Philly’s most talented artists (Ishknits, Brooks Bell, Amber Lynn, and more) addressing major social and political issues — including police brutality, gun violence, criminal justice reform, reproductive rights, and access to jobs and a living wage… Truth to Power is not only THE political event of this election season, but one of the biggest art events to happen in Philadelphia in (at least) a generation! And I’m not overstating that.

‘Together we will lift our voices, identify solutions and get organized to speak truth to power in November.