Existence Through Distance

This exhibition was specifically organized to present visualizations of artists who responded to the Coronavirus. It is a visual record of what artists saw, experienced or felt when confronted with a 21st Century existential health crisis. http://existence2020.com/
An exhibition made possible by IA Studios from the IMAP department presents: Joanna Bugajska & Dr. George Rivera. Artists: Alejandra Abad, Román Anaya, ChelseaTaylor, Molly Ott, will be featured in space, orbiting earth. 

In the virtual gallery you will find a room with an immersive video installation. One video, titled Mis Hijos is projected on the wall; it features a poem written and recited by my mother, Lisbeth.

The second video, titled Lo Invisible, is projected on moving flags to reference the wind. This video has a collection of outdoor sounds, layering birds and wind from my isolated walks. This video references our vulnerability during a pandemic; we can’t see the cause of the problems, but it is there. This leads to fear and anxiety of how a virus can travel around the world, leaving no visible trace apart from glaring absences from our community.

Medium: Paper, food coloring, phone video & audio recordings.