GURI 2020

Pop-up installation — Macky Auditorium Concert Hall

The Guri is a water dam that provides energy to Venezuela. It is now in crisis because of poor management, political turmoil, and corruption. This hydroelectric power plant is located 100km upstream of the Caroni River in Necuima Canyon in Orinoco, Venezuela. As of today, this wealthy area has attracted other countries to extract and take our minerals and goods. The current state of affairs in Venezuela is critical, as many are left without power to use. The mining process of extraction has been very violent. The president is selling our country. This level of corruption should be a cautionary tale for the current U.S. administration.

Projection of a video conference with my mom about the current Venezuelan power shortages and how foreign powers are extracting our resources. The found footage is a video of the making of the Guri water damn, a promise of modernity.