Georgia O’Keeffe

The Boynton Beach Art District celebrated its fifth anniversary by repainting the Bay Gates murals, themed “Shades of culture” and featuring 11 gates with portraits of artists wearing sunglasses. My proposed mural concept was selected by Rolando Chang Barrero, and was completed October of 2016. 

I chose to represent Georgia O’Keeffe in my mural due to a strong sense of connection that I feel to her, both as a person and as an artist. In addition to her celebration of women and feminist ideals, I feel connected to her through the time we both spent absorbing architecture in Chicago. I graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where Georgia O’Keeffe attended, and the architecture in Chicago influenced O’Keeffe’s aesthetic choices in her architectural style. 

The outdoor exhibition, curated by Rolando Chang Barrero, curator for ActivistArtistA Gallery/Studio, is located at:

The Boynton Beach Art District
404-422 West Industrial Avenue
Boynton Beach, Florida 3342