Our Wishes | Nuestros Deseos Abad◮Anaya Alejandra Abad & Román Anaya Textile Outdoor Installation, 2021 Our Wishes | Nuestros Deseos is a collaborative exchange between artists Alejandra Abad, Román Anaya, and the public. The artists gathered wishes or messages of hope from the community (www.unidos.club), and then transcribed the uplifting messages onto fabric banners, creating a landscape of hope. The outdoor installation provides an accessible space where people can experience and connect with one another in an uplifting fashion as they explore and internalize aspirations of the community. Together, Abad◮Anaya empower people to engage in conversation during the current pandemic and demands for social justice, whether socially distanced at One Boulder Plaza in their virtual utopia and beyond. This installation is part of the Art @ One Boulder Plaza program. Now in its third year, Art @ One Boulder Plaza explores art and its themes inspired by various local artists. This installation will take place outdoors at One Boulder Plaza in downtown Boulder, and is the first of a series of installations and programs in 2021. One Boulder Plaza is on 13th St. between Canyon Blvd. and Walnut St. in downtown Boulder. Presented in partnership with One Boulder Plaza Management and W.W. Reynolds.

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