Since 2015, three million people have fled the economic and political crisis in Venezuela. While the nation suffers, the political myth of fairly managing the wealth of the nation is far from the truth. The symbols on the Venezuelan crest depict national achievements and a utopian dream: a cornucopia of plenty, a bountiful harvest, and the unity of a nation. This inheritance of wealth is tarnished with corruption in a country where crime and poverty continues to rise. People have to leave in order to find clean water, food, and medicine. The government and other people in power are too greedy to admit the failed governance that sent the country into an economic crisis. The original crest depicts a horse, which represents independence. The new, colorless crest in my animation depicts a horse escaping from the center of the crest, representing the people who have fled the harsh conditions of contemporary Venezuela.

Prints, Laser cut onĀ Birch Plywood