Unveiling Painted Pompano, Pompano Beach, FL 2018

“The theme for the second round of the Painted Pompano fish sculptures is “schools of art”, reflecting different art history periods. These fish will also be on display on the Pompano Beach Cultural Center courtyard for one month before they are moved to their permanent locations throughout the City.” Pompano Beach Cultural Center

PEZ Nouveau

The Art Nouveau movement permeated various artistic forms, including architecture and graphic art, and emphasized the decoration of utilitarian and everyday objects. These forms accord with my own artistic pursuits. For this piece, I want to embrace the idea of decorating the fish with patterns inspired by nature, including the forms and patterns of the curved lines of the moving ocean, while still stylizing it graphically.

Herb Skolnick Center
Herb Skolnick Center
Herb Skolnick Center, Pompano Beach, FL