Poli Mito

Poli Mito, partially based on a Venezuelan folk tale, Poli Mito (Poly Myth) is an animated tale about disobedience and independence. In the original tale, a father from the indigenous Warao tribe orders his daughters to bring light from el dueño de la luz (the keeper of the light). In Poli Mito, the daughter defies her father who orders her to stay in the darkness; instead, she brings light to her people (much like Prometheus), where before there was just darkness. The name “Poli Mito” is a response to the idea of the monomythic hero; while there can be similarities in heroic tales, this tale celebrates diversity and divergence from the status quo. This Short Animation was commissioned by Borscht Corp, (Knight Foundation & Time Warner) First generation Film / NoBRo Zone, it was screened at the Borscht Film Festival 2019.

“Alejandra’s video work evoked a child-like wonder while sparking my intellectual curiosity and a feeling of awe. Her subject matter was both deeply personal, as well as uniquely thought provoking. I was taken by the stunning visual imagery along with well-chosen music.”

Jurors for this award. Gabrielle Schuller, Michael Chavez or John Spiak