Sun Spirits 

Alejandra Abad, JaSon Auguste, Melanie Walker & the Frontline Farming Team

Cyanotype on cotton fabric



This work is a celebration of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) farmers at Frontline Farming Team. A farmer’s work relies on relationships to the earth, water, and sun; since the process of making our sun print cyanotypes also requires the sun, water, and organic materials from the earth, these elements become not only part of the process, but also gain symbolic meaning as we preserve a moment of time in the life cycles of the farm. Melanie Walker taught Alejandra Abad how to make cyanotype prints, and together they collaborate with JaSon Auguste and the Frontline Farming Team to pass on this knowledge through a pedagogy of care. They hope to continue teaching this alternative process of photography and to raise money for the farm in the near future.

A Arbor Institute collaboration and partnership with the  Boulder Library Foundation, we exhibited in a group show called Love Letters to the Earth at the Boulder library, Canyon Gallery with a community of artists and cultivators who are creating food justice, food sovereignty and climate-resilient agroecology on the Colorado Front Range.