Where are the Missing BIPOC of CU Boulder?

Norlin Library, CU Boulder


Temporary installation of 43 black cardboard silhouettes, occupying spaces outside Norlin Library at CU Boulder, during the first week of the fall semester. Collaborative effort to install in the morning and uninstall before sundown for a week, amplifying BIPOC voices on campus who want to reallocate funds to support the education, well being, and safety of students of color.  Some of the silhouettes have  testimonies from anonymous BIPOC students who experienced abuses on campus; others display statistics showing the disparities in graduation and retention rates for students of color.

“What Gwendalynn Roebke and Alejandra Abad now call ‘artivism’ is the combination of both students’ skills and passions. While Roebke came up with the idea more than a year ago, it became reality when Abad, a graduate student studying interdisciplinary media art practices, got involved.”—CBS News, Denver