ZINE — 2D student PROJECTS

Student Work

Materials used paper, magazine, glue, rubber cement, pen, marker, hole punches, string, needle, tape, powder pigment, and stickers.
Size Small 11cm x 14 cm
Location – Boulder

Ed, or as I call mine, Jason

Art Statement July of 2019, I had a bad breakup that resulted in me developing severe nausea, which led to a loss in appetite and finally what the doctors considered “anorexia”. After much denial, someone with more knowledge of eating disorders helped me understand that I was going through disordered eating, not anorexia, where I was restricting but not on purpose. Subsequently, I had numerous doctor visits until eventually I was given the “option” to admit into a recovery program or be withdrawn from this semester. At this eating disorder treatment program, we personified our ED by giving it a name. Some chose Ed, I chose Jason. This zine goes through my experience with anorexia and the way I encountered it.

From being careful with the people you trust and love, to a representation of my feelings of emptiness and loneliness, to my scar, and to recovery and falling in love with your own body, I try to demonstrate what I see in eating disorders and especially my own. I made this while still in recovery and I hope it can resonate with someone else that may be struggling.



After transitioning to remote classes, students were expected to make websites for each project.
Here are screenshots from student websites (and here is an example of a student website).

paper sculpture — 3D student PROJECTs



Metal sculpture — 3D student PROJECTs


Pre-COVID interactive & functional metal sculptures:
1) Pinhole camera
2) Wind up musical box
3) Modular and kinetic
4) Projection lamp with different discs to choose from


Images 1 & 2 below: Student installation exploring identity.

Image 3 below: Student exploration of materials, book with gold leaf on metal

Image 4 below: Student explores form, repetition and emphasis.

time — 4D student PROJECTs

Pre-COVID & during COVID-19: Performance, Found Objects, Site Specific, Projections, Video, Animation, Zoom